• The southern part of the Gulf of Mannar region has many industries, factories and power plant. Tuticorin is a city which harbours a major port, a thermal power plant (TTPS), chemical industries and a chain of salt pans. The fly ash and untreated discharges from power plant and other industries cause environmental degradation and biodiversity loss.
  • The area between Pamban and Tuticorin basically suffers from untreated domestic sewage let out directly into the sea, which depletes the environmental health..
  • In Palk Bay, the untreated waste water from aquaculture ponds and domestic sewage pose threats to seagrass beds and coral reefs.

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2016, Coral Bleaching and Mortality in Gulf of Mannar, India

The Third Global Coral Bleaching Event caused significant coral mortality in Gulf of Mannar, Southea

Coral Health Training Workshop at SDMRI, 05-08 Dec. 2016

A training workshop on coral health was conducted for the young reef researchers across India at Sug

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